The Meeting Place


This literary project celebrates AAISA’s 30 years of working to serve as a provincial forum to facilitate the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in Alberta. As the province becomes more diverse, it is important that all citizens recognize the benefits newcomers bring to Alberta. By sharing such stories with children, the next generation of Albertans can better appreciate the role of newcomers and help develop welcoming communities where everyone can participate to their full potential.


Jim Gurnett has been writing stories for a long time. Today eight grandchildren provide much of the inspiration and energy for this. He is a social justice activist with special interests in immigration and housing security. Along the way he has been a school teacher, politician, journalist, and administrator too.




Roger Garcia is a self taught freelance cartoonist and illustrator based out of Alberta who works in acrylics, ink and digital medium. His illustrations have been published in humour books, newspapers and educational material. Roger can be seen teaching his craft at various elementary schools and writing camps for teens.


Educational Supplement

The best thing to do with a good story is to read it and enjoy it. Then to read it again, and tell others about it so maybe they will read it too.
Here are a few ideas you might like to try. There are ideas here parents might use with their children, or teachers might use with students. But many of the ideas you can try all by yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young—fun things to do are not for certain ages—try some new things, take a chance, enjoy the story, and enjoy letting the story open up whole new worlds of learning and activities too!

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La Classe de Madame Cécile Auteur: Judicaël Moukoumi Illustrateur: Roger Garcia 

French book image

L’Association des agences d’aide aux immigrants de l’Alberta (AAISA) fournit une association par laquelle et à travers  laquelle ses  membres peuvent travailler pour subvenir aux besoins des immigrants, des agences qui les assistent et de la  communauté  d’accueil. La publication de ce livre est possible grâce au soutien de Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada. Ce  projet fête le 35e  anniversaire de AAISA en tant que forum provincial visant à rendre plus aisée l’arrivée et l’intégration des  immigrants et des  réfugiés en Alberta. Au fur et à mesure que la province devient plus diversifiée, il est important que tous  les citoyens reconnaissent  les avantages que les nouveaux arrivés apportent à l’Alberta. C’est en partageant leurs histoires  avec les enfants que la nouvelle  génération d’Albertains peut mieux apprécier le rôle des nouveaux arrivés et contribuer au  développement des communautés  d’accueil où tous peuvent participer pleinement.

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