Refugee Alberta – all sections live!

Have you heard? is a provincial hub of information for refugees, immigrant-serving organizations and the community at large. As part of AAISA’s Provincial Refugee Coordination project, and in response to the influx of Syrian refugees in 2015, Refugee Alberta was created to be an educational resource to access information on refugee resettlement. The site houses… Read More »

New study on newcomer access to mental health

In Canada, one in every three people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime. In conjunction, newcomers such as refugees may have been subject to excessive violence, arbitrary arrest and detention, family separation, torture, and the deaths of loved ones. All of these experiences impact mental health and how a… Read More »

Possible Canadas: Youth’s Visions for the Nation’s Future

What is more important for Canada today – to showcase our democratic institutions or to use our natural resources wisely? What should our nation’s priorities be for the next 50 years? What is Canada’s place in the world and where do we want to be? These were just a few of the questions posed at… Read More »