Basic Counselling Skills Course Wrap-Up

By | April 24, 2017

We’re excited to announce the completion of the first course in our new Learning Management System (LMS)—Basic Counselling Skills in a Cross-Cultural Context!

Basic Counselling Skills is offered as a part of AAISA’s online Pre-Service Certification program, for Settlement practitioners in their first year of practice or those eager to start their career in the settlement sector.

The course was designed to help Settlement Practitioners define their counselling role with the multicultural clients they serve, and to help recognize and develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to be effective in that role. Learners identified three major learnings from the course, including: self-awareness and self-care, the four main qualities of counselling; empathy, warmth, authenticity, and respect, and the use of various communication styles and skills applied throughout the counselling relationship.

The course content was presented through videos, Adobe Connect sessions, and discussion board conversations on the LMS.

Interested in taking the next offering of our Basic Counselling Skills course? Watch the video below to learn more! (Note: You will need to sign in with Office 365 Credentials)

Stay tuned for new course offerings Spring/Summer 2017!